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White Fillings

Our white fillings are a less obvious way to repair teeth affected by decay or damage. They can improve the shape and functionality of a tooth and, as they are made from tooth-coloured resin, they can also enhance its appearance as the filling is virtually invisible.
Modern materials have improved the durability of white fillings, especially in smaller cavities, and they are an effective, better looking alternative to those made from amalgam.

White fillings – a step-by-step-guide

  • We numb the area with a local anaesthetic and remove the decayed part of the tooth.
  • A gel is applied to create little holes in the surface and improve adhesion.
  • This gel is washed away and the tooth dried.
  • A suitable shade of resin is applied in layers.
  • After the tooth-coloured filling material has been hardened with a bright blue light, it may require further shaping and polishing so the tooth looks natural.

After treatment

You can prevent decay from developing and reduce the likelihood that you will need more fillings by brushing at least twice a day and cleaning between your teeth. And make sure you attend regular check-ups and hygienist appointments so we can spot any early signs of decay and monitor your oral hygiene.

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Patient Testimonial

Having suffered for 34 years with an extreme dentist phobia and anxiety relating to it, I visited this practice and Dr Russell Wigglesworth. I cannot praise the practice and all the staff enough. I never thought I would be able to see a dentist while concious however with the care and petience of this team I have completed treatment so I can't thank you enough.

- Emma Ward

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