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Our crowns are placed to strengthen and disguise teeth affected by damage, discoloration or extensive fillings. They offer a particularly aesthetic way to restore functionality because their coverage of the whole tooth masks all kinds of defects. They can also be used to support a dental bridge and are often placed to protect the underlying tooth following root canal therapy.

We use talented technicians to create crowns from a variety of materials, depending on your particular needs. The type of crown we use will depend on certain assessment criteria, which will be discussed at the treatment planning stage. They can range from metal based crowns with a natural-looking porcelain covering, to all-ceramic crowns for maximum aesthetics.

Crowns – a step-by-step guide

  • To accommodate your crown, we first need to shape your tooth.
  • After shaping, we take impressions and check the colour of your natural teeth so the new crown will blend in.
  • Between your first and second appointments, we protect the prepared tooth with a temporary crown, which will fit in neatly with your smile.
  • After removing the temporary crown and checking your new, custom-made crown for fit and appearance, we cement it firmly into place.

After treatment

Once your crown is in place, it will begin to feel just like a natural tooth and, if well looked after, with regular hygiene visits, it should last for many years to come. Our advice about how to care for your new crown will include cleaning tips and other suggestions, such as avoiding very hard foods and sticky toffees. We will also monitor your crown and the underlying tooth during your routine check-ups.


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I approached Horsford Dental Practice to discuss Invisalign in January 2018. Since then, i've been greeted by the team with a professional and friendly welcome. In particular, Nita and Sue have talked me through every step of the way with my Invisalign treatment. I've been extremely impressed with my results since using Invisalign and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this treatment or Horsford Dental Practice to anyone else. I will continue to visit the practice to continue with keeping up with the health of my teeth and gums. Thank you!

- Gemma Cromer - August 2019

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